The latest Apple sale offers free AirPods when you pick up an iPad or MacBook deal

The Apple back to school sale has just gone live this week, offering a free pair of AirPods with a wide selection of iPad and MacBook deals, giving you the chance to get $159 worth of free earbud goodness.

Promotions are fairly rare from Apple, and it's especially good when you consider that the current fleet of MacBooks and iPads contain some brand spanking new releases. These MacBook Pro 13's and iPad Pro 11's, for example, are barely over a month old and are quite simply some of the best ultrabooks and premium tablets you can buy right now.

The free AirPods themselves are the standard Apple AirPods – not the AirPod Pro's or the wireless charger variant, although it's still a fantastic offer when you consider that they retail for $159 by themselves. If you choose, however, you can upgrade to the Pro's or wireless charger version and pay a small upcharge – you'll still be saving $159 in total.

We've rounded up the eligible iPad and MacBook deals just down below so you can check them out yourself. All of these are available right now and have free delivery. If you choose an iPad deal you're also eligible for a free custom engraving, which is a nice little bonus that's only available via the official Apple store.

Apple sale: free AirPods with every iPad and MacBook

While you're here, why not check out our dedicated best Apple MacBook sale prices and deals article, where you'll see a detailed comparison of all the current models you can buy. Likewise, if you'd like to see the best iPad deals available right now, we're also aiming to cover ever base there as well.

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