Lenovo Yoga 5G, the world’s first 5G laptop, will be exclusive to EE in the UK

The Lenovo Yoga 5G –the world’s first 5G-enabled laptop – is coming to the UK, but it will only be available using the EE network due to a ‘strategic partnership’ between the two companies.

While the EE exclusivity will disappoint people who are signed up with other network operators for their smartphone contracts, it’s actually a rather savvy move, as EE has the largest 5G network coverage in the UK, with its service covering around 80 cities and large towns in the UK.

There are a number of benefits to 5G, such as drastically increased mobile internet speeds; it’s around 10 times faster than 4G.

By including built-in 5G connectivity, the Lenovo Yoga 5G can make use of those fast speeds to browse the internet without having to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot. It just needs a SIM card with a 5G data allowance – and in the UK, that means getting it from EE.

World’s first

Lenovo’s Yoga 5G laptop is a convertible style laptop (also known as a 2-in-1) and runs Windows 10. Lenovo also promises an eye-catching 24 hour battery life with the Yoga 5G, thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx chipset that powers the laptop, which offers increased power and performance efficiency compared to laptops running on Intel or AMD hardware.

“Our customers already enjoy the UK’s best mobile experience, and as leaders in 5G, those with the Lenovo Yoga 5G on EE will be able to make the most from our super-fast, high capacity network.” Marc Allera, CEO of BT Consumer division says.

“As Lenovo’s exclusive partner in the UK, we will help customers get to grips with what this innovative PC has to offer on the go, whether that’s for work, online gaming, or watching the latest HD movies”.

We don’t currently have a price for the Lenovo Yoga 5G in the UK, but it will be made available later this year on a range of EE pay monthly price plans. It’s unclear if the Yoga 5G will also be sold seperately without an EE contract.

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