The PS5 design has been revealed – but you might have missed this detail

After a long wait, Sony has finally revealed the design of the PS5 during its June 11 livestream but it seems there might still be more to see. 

A user on ResetEra (via VG247) recently shared a range of close-up images of the console and its peripherals which reveal that the textured areas, far from being random lumps and bumps, are actually comprised of lots of the x, square, circle and triangle symbols that are tied to the PlayStation brand. It’s a design touch that's reminiscent of what Sony did with its limited-edition 20th Anniversary PS4 console released back in 2014.

It’s not something you would notice straight away, and we had to visit the official PlayStation Flickr account to zoom in and squint at it for ourselves just to make sure that our eyes weren’t playing tricks on us. 

The symbols are certainly more obvious on some of the images than others – the PS5 camera offers the clearest view – but they were even briefly visible during the recent livestream (pictured below). 


Look closely and you’ll see the small symbols

Look closer

Perhaps it’s details like this that Eric Lempel, Head of Global Marketing and Consumer Experience at Sony, was referring to when he mentioned the “nice, surprising features” that emerge when viewing the console in person during a recent interview with PlayStation Blog

Although some in the ResetEra thread and on social media have expressed appreciation for this texturing, it’s safe to say that the PS5’s overall design has divided opinion. Even on the TechRadar team, there are those who love what Sony has revealed and those who hate it

Now that Sony has revealed the design of the PS5, as well as some of the games that will be available to play on it, the big questions that still need answered are with regards to its price and its release date. 

Sony hasn’t given any indication as to when it will reveal these things, but given we’re fast approaching that holiday 2020 release window it’s unlikely we’re going to have to wait too much longer to find out. 

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