Bose 700 noise canceling headphones see big price cuts at Amazon

The Bose 700s aren't exactly known for having regular discounts, but the US is experiencing a $100 price cut on the premium cans right now. That means the Arctic White set is available for for just $299 at Amazon, the lowest price we've seen for the wireless noise canceling headphones. Across the pond, you can still pick up any colour for £299, rather than the full £350, thanks to a Bose headphones deal that's been running for a few weeks now.

The Bose 700s offer powerful noise cancellation with all the audio clarity and power you'd expect from an industry leader. However, there's also plenty of extra features under the hood to get excited about. Alexa and Google Assistant voice control, 11 noise cancellation presets, and angled ear cups for extra comfort make that premium price tag worth it over cheaper headphone deals. In fact, this new price comes closer to the traditionally more affordable Beats Solo Pro (available for $299 in the US and currently on sale for £199 in the UK). 

These Bose 700 headphone deals have resulted in some of the lowest prices we've seen in the US – and you'll find more noise canceling headphone offers further down the page as well.

Bose 700 headphone deals

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