FIFA 21, Apex Legends, Battlefield – 5 EA games that badly need cross-play

EA is finally adding cross-play support to one of its titles, but somewhat surprisingly, it’s Need for Speed: Heat – a game which has largely been forgotten about, and one that isn’t exactly noted for its online multiplayer.

The update for Need for Speed: Heat, which arrives on June 9, will work just as you’d hope: players will be able to race against each other whether they’re on PC via Origin and Steam, or playing the game on PS4 and Xbox One

It should go a long way to boosting the game’s longevity, but it’s an interesting choice by EA nonetheless, especially when you consider the wealth of online multiplayer titles the publisher has at its disposal. 

And that got us thinking –  with the PS5 and Xbox Series X on the horizon, cross-play should become the standard for all EA games. With that in mind, here are five EA games that would really benefit from cross-play support.


As EA’s most lucrative and popular title, there’s no explicable reason why FIFA 20 doesn’t already include cross-play support. There’s no competitive advantage to be gained by playing on either PC or console (most PC players tend to use a controller anyway), and it’s a game that would benefit immensely from letting everyone play together, no matter which platform they choose to buy the game on. Cross-play would be a huge boon for FIFA 21, then. 

Madden NFL 20

Another obvious candidate for cross-play support is EA’s Madden franchise. Once again, there’s no balancing issues to worry about – apart from maybe a few graphical bells and whistles on PC, the games play exactly the same. By adding cross-play support, Madden NFL would certainly have more of a resurgence on PC, a platform where it’s historically struggled as most people tend to opt for the console versions of the game.


Adding cross-play support to Battlefield 5 would take a little more finesse, but as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has shown, there’s no reason why PC and console players can’t co-exist. Yes, PC players will always have a competitive advantage when it comes to first-person shooters, largely due to the laser-like accuracy a mouse can provide. But honestly, unless you’re determined to rise up the ranks and become some sort of pro, most of us just want to play with our friends online. Add in the option to turn cross-play on or off for Battlefield 6, and everyone’s happy. 

Apex Legends

Apex Legends

Apex Legends may have been the darling of the battle royale world, but nothing lasts forever. Even though it’s still an incredibly popular game, there’s no doubt that players have had their heads turned by other new and exciting games, such as Valorant. But would more people give Apex Legends a go if they knew they could play with their friends across platforms? Absolutely. Like Battlefield, a bit of tweaking would be required, but the game is a no-brainer when it comes to adding cross-play.

Anthem 2.0

Anthem is currently undergoing a major overhaul after a much-maligned launch. But if EA really wants to win back some goodwill from gamers, and exponentially increase Anthem’s chances of success, cross-play support is a must. Not only will it unite a fractured player base, it’s a great way to boost the game’s overall player numbers. And let’s be frank: if Anthem doesn’t attract new and old players alike, the time and money EA are investing to try and relaunch the game will all be for nought. 

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