Clumio data recovery and backup SaaS adds coverage for Amazon RDS

Clumio, a leading provider of enterprise-level SaaS backup and recovery, has announced it will shortly add new data recovery and protection tools for Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service). 

The company says it will soon support in-account snapshots, point-in-time recovery, and free snapshot orchestration for RDS workloads. These features were already added for Amazon EBS (Elastic Block Store) in late 2019. 

With these updates, Clumio is aiming to address the data retention and security issues businesses experience when transitioning to AWS. That’s why air-gap snapshots, record-level retrieval, long-term data retention, and eDiscovery export options will also be introduced for its customers using Amazon RDS.

Compliance, ransomware, and data retention

Clumio is keen to differentiate itself from alternative Amazon RDS data recovery solutions that simply replicate the features built into the platform by default. 

According to an announcement by Clumio Chief Technologist Chadd Kenney and Product Management Director Abdul Rasheed, relying on Amazon RDS “snapshot manager” tools can lead to major compliance risks, ransomware vulnerability, and data retention issues.

Kenney states that “these risks severely limit companies attempting to move mission-critical databases to the public cloud”. By contrast, Clumio’s SaaS adds value for customers by enabling them to protect data from multiple services, like Microsoft 365, VMware, and Amazon EBS, using a single tool.

Another way in which Clumio wants to go above and beyond the capabilities of more limited RDS data protection services is by adding an additional layer of security to RDS data through an “air gap” system. In effect, this means that Clumio will ensure your operational recovery snapshots are separated from your AWS account and that AWS will only ever receive read-only access to them. 

So that RDS users can quickly address any breaches, Clumio will also build a rolling backup capability into its Amazon RDS data recovery service. Like other recovery snapshots, the rolling backup will be air-gapped away from AWS accounts and time-lagged from live production by up to 24 hours. The intention here is to ensure rolling backups don't inherit infections or other issues from damaged production instances.

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