Halo Infinite might be followed by a second Halo game on Xbox Series X

Halo Infinite isn’t the only Halo game we’ll see on the Xbox Series X. That’s news you probably expected to hear in a year or two, but a new job posting could point to either a spin-off game or a main series entry coming sooner rather than later. 

The job posting in question can be found on Microsoft’s careers page and put out a call for a senior producer to “help develop a new project in the Halo Universe.”

It’s a pretty senior role, which means the game probably isn’t that far along quite yet, but it does mean that the project has gotten at least some form of approval from Microsoft and 343 Industries, the series’ publisher and developer, respectively. 

While the post is surprising because Halo Infinite is still such an opaque project, it’s not altogether unexpected – both companies are probably eager to get the ball rolling on more games for the next generation of consoles. With game development timelines that extend out two to three years, it's not uncommon for developers to start working on the next game in the series while finishing up its predecessor. 

Halo 7? Halo Infinite 2? Halo Wars 3?

Unfortunately the job post doesn't give us any indication of which game it's going to be – or even what type of game 343 is looking to make. 

The job listing, which you should absolutely apply for if you're qualified, requires potential candidates to have 5+ years relevant experience and shipped 1+ AAA title in a production or related role.

The job will have a lot of crossover with 343 Industries' engineering team and, we hope, will push the capabilities of Microsoft's next-gen hardware (if you missed it, here's our deep dive into the console's hardware, from its AMD Zen 2 processor and RDNA 2 graphics and beyond).

We're not holding our breath for a huge announcement about the other Halo game anytime soon, but Microsoft does plan on holding a first-party games showcase in July that will be dedicated solely to games being produced by the Xbox Studios teams for Xbox Series X – something we'll be watching closely as it approaches.

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