Amazon Prime's live Premier League games will be free-to-air

Amazon Prime has confirmed that its remaining live Premier League games for the 2019-20 season will be streamed free-to-air.

The four fixtures, which haven't yet been confirmed, will be streamed at some point after the Premier League resumes on 17 June.

Alex Green, Managing Director of Prime Video Sport Europe, said: “We will be making all four of Amazon Prime Video’s additional fixtures in the 2019/20 season available free of charge; fans will not need a Prime membership to view the games on Prime Video.”

This means football fans will get an even bigger feast of free, live games when the action kicks off again in two weeks. The BBC has already confirmed that it will be broadcasting its four games, which will be the first time live Premier League matches will have been shown by the broadcaster.

And Sky Sports has also revealed that 25 of its 64 games will be made available on Sky Pick, which is a free-to-air channel that's available on Freeview. 

In total this means 33 live Premier League matches will available for free, which is a refreshing shift from the recent dominance of paid channels like Sky Sports and BT Sport. The latter will also be showing 20 games, but so far there's no news on whether any will be made available to non-BT subscribers.


Prime cuts

We asked Amazon Prime exactly how it will be streaming its four Premier League games, but it told us: “We don’t currently have any further details on these fixtures or how they will be accessed yet.”

This means it's not yet totally clear how non-Prime members will be able to watch the games, but it's possible Amazon will simply host them on its Prime Video Premier League page, allowing you to watch via web browser or any device that supports the Prime Video app.

Watching the games via a web browser could mean that you'll also be able to add additional services that support Prime Video, like TwoSeven, to help you chat with friends while watching the matches.

The news is another welcome lift for football fans who've been forced to watch endless, nostalgic Premier League repeats for the past two months. All that's left is to find out exactly what the fixture list is going to look like – we'll bring you news on that as soon as we get it.

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