How to watch the Survivor: Winners at War finale online from anywhere

With its lineup of past champions, it' set to go down as one of the best seasons ever of the long-running reality show – read on to find out how to watch Survivor: Winners at War‘s epic finale, no matter where you are in the world.

The latest run of the show is all set to wrap up with a marathon final 3-hour episode today – the longest in its 40 season history – with host and showrunner Jeff Probst teasing that it has “so much happening that we could not make it any shorter”.

Billed as “the biggest battle in Survivor history,” season 40 has united no less than 20 past winners to compete against each other for a historic $2 million prize.

Denise Stapley, Ben Driebergen, Sarah Lacina, Michele Fitzgerald, and Tony Vlachos are the remaining five players to have reached the final phase. They're set to be joined by one Edge of Extinction returnee, strongly rumoured to be the season’s first eliminated contestant, Natalie Anderson.

The show's usual format of a live finale reunion to crown the Sole Survivor has been scuppered thanks to the coronavirus crisis, but a reunion of shorts still looks set to take place with the show using a video chat platform like Zoom.

Ready to see who will win the $2 million prize and become the “Sole Survivor”? Keep reading to find out how to watch Survivor: Winners at War finale online from anywhere – and what to do if you find yourself stranded away from home.

Watch Survivor: Winners at War online from outside your country

Geo-blocks making you feel like a pariah on the Edge of Extinction? If you find yourself away from home for business or on an extended vacation when the latest episode drops, don’t despair. You can still enjoy all the latest Survivor schemings.

Or say you’re in a region where this content hasn’t been made available. Utilizing a VPN will let you stream the Survivor: Winners at War finale no matter where you’re watching from. This basic bit of software can change your IP address so you can access each episode live or on demand as episodes become available, just as if you were at home.

How to watch Survivor: Winners at War finale online in the US for free

  • FuboTV: $55 p/m for around 90 channels, including local stations like CBS.
  • AT&T Now: Of their numerous plans, the cheapest is $65 p/m for over 40 channels, including HBO.
  • Amazon Prime Video: You’ll need to sign up to Prime for $12.99 p/m and include CBS All Access, which is an additional $5.99 p/m. Both come with free trials though.


How to watch the Survivor: Winners at War finale online in Canada

How to watch Survivor: Winners at War online in Australia for FREE

Can I watch Survivor: Winners at War online in the UK?

Sadly, UK fans aren't invited to the closing Parvati party. There's no direct means of viewing CBS shows either live or on-demand at present.

Anyone in the UK from abroad can grab a VPN as mentioned above, but note that many services require credit card or cable provider details to sign-up, so make sure to read the fine print and have whatever's required to hand for your convenience.

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