Fibre broadband deals: TalkTalk is an absolute winner with free speed boosts

Finding the perfect broadband deal for you can be difficult with so many different options pushing cashback, freebies, high-powered routers and more. But for pure value, one ISP has stepped up with an absolute winner.

Coming from TalkTalk, you can now score its Faster Fibre Speed Boost plan with speeds averaging 67Mb for the exact same price as its slower fibre plan – a mere £21.95 per month. That gives TalkTalk a hefty boost to become one of the top options out there.

It's well worth noting that Vodafone has adopted a similar strategy offering its faster Superfast 2 plan for the same price as its Superfast 1. However, not only is Vodafone slightly more expensive (unless you're an existing customer) but it also operates on two-year contracts unlike TalkTalk's 18 month options.

Ready to get your hands on one of the cheapest fibre broadband deals around? We've included everything you'll need to know about TalkTalk's bargain offer below.

TalkTalk's great value fibre broadband deal:

It's worth noting that the strict UK lockdown means most broadband providers have stopped offering new installation of broadband if you don't already have a phone line set up.

However, this doesn't mean you can't install it yourself. As long as you have a telephone line, it's a super easy and straightforward process. If you don't already have one, we highly recommend looking into Virgin Media broadband deals or 4G home broadband plans, as these look to be the two remaining ways to get a broadband connection installed right now.

What other broadband deals are there?

There are loads of fibre broadband deals out there, but as we mentioned above, TalkTalk's closest competitor is Vodafone. Currently offering speeds averaging 63Mb for a price of £22.95, Vodafone is not far behind and existing Vodafone mobile customers get extra discounts so could be well worth a look..

However, Vodafone operates on 24 month contracts, making it a longer investment – that will either be music to your ears or your worst nightmare.

Or if you don't mind relying slightly on cashback, Plusnet has an excellent fibre offer. Costing £22.99 a month for speeds averaging 36Mb and currently, coming with a £75 Mastercard.

Compare all of the best broadband deals:

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