Box boosts malware detection to help remote workers

The cloud content management provider Box has announced that it has added automated malware detection and controls to its advanced security solution Box Shield.

Now when the service identifies malware, Box Shield will automatically alert the end user, restrict downloads and sharing of malicious files and notify IT and security teams.

Chief product officer at Box, Jeetu Patel explained how Box Shield will help protect users and their organizations from malware infections in a press release, saying:

“With average cost of an attack reaching $2.6 million, malware has become one of the costliest security incidents facing businesses. Leveraging Box's unique preview technology, the automated controls in Box Shield minimize the impact of malware while allowing users to preview content without getting compromised. Additionally, the intelligent security alerts help enterprises act on the issue in minutes. These advances make it easier than ever to protect your business without getting in the way of work.”

Automated malware detection and controls

Box Shield already helps organizations prevent data leakage and the security solution also proactively identifies potential insider threats or compromised accounts.

By adding automated malware detection and controls to its advanced security solution, the company has expanded Box Shield's threat detection beyond suspicious user behavior to protect users from malicious content uploaded to Box.

With these new features, Box users will be able safely preview and edit files online, automatically restrict downloading and sharing of malicious files and generate alerts to notify security teams when a file uploaded to the service contains malware.

The new Box Shield malware detection capabilities and controls are expected to be generally available by the end of April.

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