Get these cheap iPhone 11 deals for less than what you'd pay for the iPhone XR

Yes, it's been on the market for a while now but the iPhone 11 remains Apple's latest release and with that position, a pretty hefty price tag continues to stick around. But if you've got your eyes set on this handset, a set of affordable contracts just appeared.

Costing less than the average iPhone XR (the 11's direct  predecessor) and saving you well over £150 compared to most iPhone 11 deals, these contracts are a truly affordable option. But how can they cut prices on such a new phone? Simple, refurbished models.

However, these aren't refurbished in the way you are likely imagining. There are no cracks, they're not broken and they're not covered in dirt and thumb prints. In fact, all of the refurbished iPhones from are in great condition.

Most of the time, these are phones returned in the first month due to a change-of-mind from the customer. They're all Grade A rated and cover all of them with a 12-month warranty.

Really, the only obvious difference with these iPhone 11 deals is the price. If you want to score a cheap iPhone, you can see all of these contracts below. Or, if you're not quite convinced by refurbished iPhones yet, check out our guide to the best mobile phone deals for everything else.

These market-leading iPhone 11 deals in full:

Are refurbished mobile phone deals safe to buy?

When you're buying a shiny, new smartphone, we completely understand that most people probably aren't too keen on the thought of being stuck with somebody's old cast-off. You may also be a bit anxious that you're receiving damaged goods – especially when it's a gift for somebody else.

But let us put your mind at rest. Generally speaking, most refurbished phones being sold at major providers are instances when the former owner simply changed their mind and returned the phone without using it. Those phones can't be sold as new, so they're branded as refurbished instead.

Others are sent back as faulty, but have been brought back to their best by the experts that work in these places and in most instances are pretty much good as new. 

What makes the iPhone 11 so good?

The iPhone 11 is the cheapest of Apple's latest trio and yet, really isn't much of a downgrade. You still get Apple's new incredibly fast CPU, a 6.1-inch screen, IP68 rating and even a 3046mAh battery, enough to keep you going all the way through the day on one charge.

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