Amazon Lightning deals live updates – all the best offers as they appear

Black Friday is finally here, and Amazon's Lightning Deals are coming thick and fast. So fast, in fact, that it can be too easy to miss out on an amazing deal. Before you know it, they've sold out.

That's where this live blog comes in. We'll be highlighting the best deals as they go live, saving you the hassle of scrolling through the tat to make sure you don't miss out on those super low prices.

The Lightning Deals we're highlighting are usually only online for a few hours at a time, with some super popular ones only lasting minutes as stock sells out long before the expiry date. So you don't have to, we'll be sitting on Amazon's website, furiously refreshing to find out the next best Lightning Deal. So, all you need to do is keep this page open, and we'll throw the best deals your way.

So if you see a deal you like below, don't consider it for long as they'll be gone before you know it. On Amazon's site, you can see what percentage of items have been claimed already which is your best bet of seeing how much time you have left to play with.

If you want to see a complete roundup of the best deals from the best store, be sure to check out our Black Friday guide.

Right, let's get things going – here's our first top Lightning Deal of the day, and it's a bit of a scorcher for those looking to grab a budget smartphone:

Next up – something a little different than a smartphone – the Acer Swift 5 is on a top Lightning Deal, but it's already 50% gone – check it out if this nearly-half-price deal is for you:

Bad news everyone – the Acer Laptop deal has sold out. That went faster than expected…

Ooh, here's a good one: there's a Canon multi-lens deal that's taking a load of money off – but this one is going quickly…

Aaaaaaaaaand literally as soon as we posted that, we found that both deals were out of stock. You can still get it for a higher price, but let's look at what else is available for now. That's more fun.

Quick reminder – to get a majority of these deals, you need to be a Prime member. Here's where you can give it a try.

THIS IS MORE LIKE IT, PEOPLE: This Dolby Atmos set up from Vizio, a decent low-cost home audio brand, is down to just under $400.

And – that Vizio deal is dead. Sorry people.

How about we sweeten the deal with a 12-piece airtight container set for all your delicious perishables? Only $46 (and a bit…) and you'll be enjoying unspoiled food for much longer.

OK, so Amazon's lightning deals are coming thick and fast. Here's the best one we've found so far:

That Samsung Galaxy A50 deal is now 90% sold out – so act fast if you fancy it!

Sad news, the Samsung Galaxy A50 deal is now sold out 🙁 

Hopefully you managed to get one before it was gone.

Any budding chefs out there? This lightning deal cuts a huge $190 off the price of the KitchenAid stand mixer.

Here's another great lightning deal, which cuts a decent amount of Acer's excellent Chromebook 14. Now cheaper than ever, and selling out fast.

No more deals at the moment on big pieces of tech, so instead of buying a new piece of kit, how about you purchase something that helps you find everything you already own?

Waiting for new Lightning Deals to be posted? Why not hunker down with this massive Hershey's Giant Chocolate Bar, down from $49 to $39.96 at Amazon? We'd recommend sharing it though, because that's a lot of chocolate for one person. 

Here's a useful fool for Xbox gamers – an Xbox One (and One X and One S) controller charging dock. This'll be perfect if you have an Xbox One console and have problems remembering to plug it in to charge (very relatable) or if you've just leapt on an Xbox One Black Friday deal.

Here's a great deal: 46% off a decent Bluetooth speaker from guitar company Fender. If you're using Black Friday deals to hunt for a new way to play your music, and don't mind buying something that's powerful yet not portable, this is perfect for you!

We're sorry to say that the prior chocolate bar offer was gobbled up, and now you'll have to pay full price for it. That was quick – we'll choc it up to being such a great deal that people wanted it straight away. The dairy departed deal is just a testament to how sweet Black Friday deals can be.

There are a bunch of deals on Super 73 Z1 Electric Motorbikes, and they're going super fast, so leap on them while you can!

The deal on the Cube Key Finder is over, but there may be similar products reduced over the Black Friday period.

This TV was already an impressive price this Black Friday, but this Lightning deal has brought the price even further down but you'll have to act quick to get it.

Need a cheap gaming headset?  The HyperX Cloud Flight wireless gaming headset, one of our favorites for this year, is at its cheapest ever price for the Black Friday sales. It's another Lightning Deal though, so act fast if you want to nab this bargain:

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