This Marvel Avengers Black Friday deal gives you Captain America for your wrist

If you are a Marvel Avengers movies fan, or know someone who is, this Black Friday deal is for you: Garmin Legacy Hero smartwatches, themed after Captain America and Captain Marvel, are now $50 off in the Amazon Black Friday sale.

Garmin smartwatches are reliably great devices, combining useful features and good-looking designs. We haven't tested the Legacy Hero series, but Garmin has such a respectable track record that we feel we can recommend these Marvel Avengers-themed devices anyway.

So if you need the superpower of on-wrist notifications, step counting, music control and more, these Marvel Avengers smartwatches are the Black Friday discount for you. They come with week-long battery life, NFC pay, 'body battery monitoring' to let you know how much energy you have left, and access to Garmin's Connect IQ app store. There's no GPS, but that's arguably not a hugely important feature in a non-fitness-centric smartwatch.

Not in the US? Here are the prices of several Garmin smartwatches in your region.

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