Doom Eternal to be the star of Bethesda E3 2019 press conference

E3 2019, this years entry into the annual gaming blowout event, is just around the corner, and giant of the industry Bethesda has just announced its plans for the show.

Bethesda Softworks fifth annual E3 press conference will take place on Sunday June 9, with the star of the show set to be its horror-sci-fi shooter, Doom Eternal.

Taking place in Los Angeles and kicking off at 5.30pm PDT, Bethesda will be streaming the extravaganza on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Mixer, and Facebook Live, giving those not physically in attendance “an in-depth look at Doom Eternal.”

Doom Eternal is the next entry in the veteran first-person shooter series, following 2016's superb Doom. Headed to PS4, Xbox One and PC, we're also going to get to look at a Nintendo Switch version of the game, after developer id Software found great success scaling 2016's Doom to the portable console with the help of developer Panic Button.

Starfield, Rage 2, Elder Scrolls 6 and more?

That's all that Bethesda is officially sharing about the event at this stage – there's not even a venue announced, though the showcase will be open to fans who will soon be able to register to attend the show.

So what else is in the pipeline that we could see? The big hopes will of course center around a proper look at both The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield, the former the next entry in Bethesda's phenomenally popular high-fantasy open world RPG, the latter an all new property set in a sci-fi realm that looks likely to follow similar “go anywhere, do anything” principles as the Elder Scrolls series.

These two games were merely teased at last year's E3 conference, but could be revealed in a little more depth this summer. Our money is on both becoming next-gen titles on the PS5 and Xbox Two, so if either of those are revealed around the E3 timetable, there's a better chance that will see Bethesda's new works make an appearance.

What's almost guaranteed to make an appearance however is Rage 2 and Fallout 76

Suggesting that fans “refresh Walmart Canada” in its blog post, Bethesda is making a reference to the early leak that prematurely revealed Rage 2's existence. With Rage 2 releasing before the show on May 14, it'd be a safe bet that some sort of post-release content will be revealed at the company's E3 conference.

As for Fallout 76, it's got off to an incredibly shaky start, so long-running fans of the series will be looking for some good news to come out of the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

TechRadar will be out in full force at this year's E3 conference, so keep your eyes locked on us for all the latest news.

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