Facebook’s updated mobile app now has a dedicated gaming section

According to Facebook, there are roughly 700 million users across the globe who engage in video game-related content each month, whether it's chatting in gaming communities, playing games or watching people stream.

In an effort to bring these people together and give them a new home for gaming, the social network has announced that it's currently rolling out an updated version of its mobile app that brings a brand new dedicated Facebook Gaming tab.

Once updated, the refreshed app will include its new tab in the main navigation bar, allowing users to jump directly to video game news, streams, groups and other related content.

Now that's dedicated

Along with the new gaming tab in the social media giant's main app, Facebook also expanded on its plans to release a standalone Facebook Gaming app with additional features.

“We're also continuing to beta test a standalone Facebook Gaming app on Android, which includes more features than you'll find in the Facebook Gaming tab,” said Facebook's blog post. “We’re getting feedback from the gaming community as we consider further rollout plans.”

At present, the dedicated gaming tab will only be visible to “a small subset of the more than 700 million people who enjoy gaming on Facebook each month.” In the meantime, users can find Facebook's rejuvenated gaming section in the Bookmarks menu.

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