Slack mobile app gets its own 'dark mode' in latest update

There's no question that 'dark modes' are super hot right now, with the likes of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Chrome, Android, Windows 10 and MacOS happily entering their goth phase over the last few months. 

Now, we can add Slack to that ever-growing list, with the work-centric chat service currently rolling out a new update for its iOS and Android apps that aims to drape your workplace discussions in a virtual Joy Division t-shirt (or turn them dark or whatever).

Slack's March update, which was not yet available to us at the time of writing, is said to bring a simple dark mode toggle to the app's settings section, one that was previously only available to beta testers.

Image credit: Slack

With Slack's dark mode switched on, conversations will take on a dark gray background and white text. Along with being easier on the ol' peepers, this should also prove beneficial to your device's battery life. 

Unfortunately, users of Slack's desktop app will have to keep waiting for their own night mode, as this particular update is exclusive to mobile users for the time being.

Source: Slack 

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