Best laptops for kids 2019: the top laptops for kids in elementary school and beyond

These days, having a good laptop is completely necessary – and that’s especially true for your kids. The best laptops for kids will usually take the form of rugged and cheap tablets, but there will come a time when your child will have to graduate up to a full, traditional laptop. Whether it’s for school or for play, you’ll need to find the best laptop for kids.

Your kids won’t be stuck with Windows 10, either – the best Chromebooks are great for kids of all ages – especially if they’re in middle or high school. They’ll have large, durable displays that are great for getting homework done. Many Chromebooks are also compatible with a bevy of Android games and apps, for a bit of downtime between assignments. They’re also affordable – they really are the best laptops for kids.

So, what’s the best laptops for your kids? How do you decide? Luckily, we’re here to help you answer those questions – we gathered up all the best laptops for kids.

So, we’ll help you find the top laptops for kids – from low prices to ruggedized frames and even rigid parental controls. We may not have tested or reviewed all the laptops here, but we’re laptop experts, expertise we’ve used to recommend exceptional laptops for kids.

Dell Chromebook 11 3180

Image Credit: Dell

This entry-level Chromebook from Dell is, by our measure, the best laptop for kids you can buy today. This Chromebook’s 11-inch frame may be tiny, but so is your little one. What’s more impressive are its classroom tools, like an activity light that allows kids to digitally raise their hands. Plus, it has a ‘kid-proof’ sealed, spill-resistant keyboard and rubber sides. The excellent price is worth noting, too. Plus, Chrome OS is historically easy for parental controls as well as malware protection. 

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Lenovo IdeaPad 120S

Image Credit: Lenovo

If you’re more accustomed to Windows 10, or even if your kid likes it, we find the Lenovo IdeaPad 120S to be among the best laptops for kids – especially at this bargain price. The laptop is mildly ruggedized to survive slips and drops, and even features a USB-C port for a bit of future-proofing. You can also trust that this device will be free of bloatware that can distract your child. That’s enough in our book to recommend this laptop to pretty much every parent – especially for Windows 10 families.

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Image Credit: Acer

If you have kids that are just starting to have to write up papers for class, and you want to get them something that won’t break the first time it gets dropped, you might want to consider the Acer Chromebook Spin 11. Not only does it have competent specs and a surprisingly comfortable keyboard, it’s also a 2-in-1. This means it can be used to play some Android games when all the homework is done. The display is a bit dim, and it’s not going to blow you away with its performance, but it’s cheap, durable and it’ll last a while. 

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Acer Chromebook 15

Image Credit: Acer

When your kids approach or enter double-digit years, they might end up needing something a bit more robust to support them through larger projects (and sharper streaming). Acer’s latest 15-inch Chromebook will bring serious sophistication to your kid’s computing experience, from its design to its features, like a full HD display, fast USB 3.0 connections and an HDR webcam. However, this laptop is ideal for adolescents on account of its larger size and lack of kid-proof features in exchange for a more luxury experience at a great price. 

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Asus Transformer Mini T102HA

Image Credit: Asus

If your kid wants a tablet, but you want them to get familiar with the traditional computer as well, the Asus Transformer Mini is perfect, especially considering the price. This tablet brings plenty of power and ports to the table – not to mention a fingerprint sensor, stylus and keyboard cover – all in the box. This is all topped off with a whopping 11 hours of battery life. If your kids are just too used to tablets to jump to a traditional laptop, this is the best laptops for your kids, especially for the price.

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  • This product is only available in the US and UK at the time of this writing. Australian readers: check out a fine alternative in the Lenovo IdeaPad 120S 

MacBook Air

Image Credit: Apple

The 2015 MacBook Air isn’t the newest one on the block, but it’s still one of the best laptops for kids – unlike the 2018 model. We know that parents aren’t made of cash, but the 2015 MacBook Air has plenty of deals out there – in fact it’s the cheapest Apple laptop out there. Plus, it has great battery life, a smooth and easy to understand operating system, and it’s thin and light. The best Macs are famous for outlasting Windows laptops – and this one should last your kid for years.

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