The Samsung Galaxy S10 comes in half a dozen colors, and here they are

Samsung has officially unveiled its next flagship phone, the Galaxy S10, and it packs top-tier specs and cutting-edge features. As folks line up to buy the year’s first huge Android phone, they’ll have a choice to make: what color will you pick?

There’s a plethora of hues to choose from, but as always, availability may vary depending on where you’re shopping. US consumers, for example, won’t be able to pick up the Galaxy S10 in the Prism Green or Canary Yellow colors. 

Of course, there’s no difference in performance between the colors – it’s just how you’d like your phone to look. Though people might be more impressed with two hues coming only to high-specced versions of the Galaxy S10 Plus, Ceramic White and Ceramic Black, so phone wonks in the know may give you a bit more respect.

But there’s plenty of power to go around in the standard Galaxy S10 and its plethora of color choices.

Image credit: TechRadar

 Samsung Galaxy S10 in Prism Black

The first Galaxy S10 color is Prism Black, your standard dark shade that looks more like a matte slate than, say, solid black. Expect this to be a popular choice, as always.

Of course, since the phone has its signature glossy glass back, some shine and shimmer will make this more eye- and light-catching.

Image credit: TechRadar

 Samsung Galaxy S10 in Prism Blue

Prism Blue is the demure color choice of the lot. Who doesn’t like blue? This hue isn’t bright, veering toward a darker, near-denim shade of the cool color. 

This is the hue for folks who want a bit more originality than standard black but aren’t ready for more. It also seems to be available in most markets.

Technically, the Samsung Galaxy S10e, but colors are identical across the line (Image credit: TechRadar)

 Samsung Galaxy S10 in Prism White

Prism White is the outstanding member of the pack, with a pearlescent sheen that seems to reflect different colors depending on the angle it’s held. Combine that with the Galaxy S10 line’s glossy glass back and the color looks like it came from the inside of a mollusk.

In other words, don’t expect plain, bright, flat white. 

Image credit: Samsung

 Samsung Galaxy S10 in Flamingo Pink

The Galaxy S10’s razzy option this year is Flamingo Pink, which is a more vibrant pastel hue than Google Pixel 3’s Not Pink or any of Apple’s Rose Gold colors. This is bold without being bright, and it’s a nice signature look. 

At a press briefing, a Samsung rep noted that Flamingo Pink was the Pantone Color of the Year. While that sounds like marketing jabber, it’s a blessing to finally have phones move beyond the hues we’ve been settling for – your black, white, blue and gold standbys. 

This is a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, but colors are identical across the line (Image credit: TechRadar)

 Samsung Galaxy S10 in Prism Green

The first international hue for the Galaxy S10 is a striking green. Like the blue hue, this one is darker and a bit deeper – more of an emerald than something you’d find on a rubber ball.

Sadly, don’t expect this to come to the US.

This is a Samsung Galaxy S10e, but colors are identical across the S10 line (Image credit: TechRadar)

 Samsung Galaxy S10 in Canary Yellow 

The Galaxy S10’s yellow option is a surprisingly bright choice for a flagship. Canary Yellow is your standout bright option, looking for all the world like the yellow from a cartoon banana.

Once again, US customers won’t be able to pick this one up.

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