Google Fit is closing its website to focus on the apps

If you're a fan of using Google Fit on the web, brace yourself: it's getting closed down as Google shifts its focus to the apps for Android and Wear OS. The day the shutters come down is Wednesday, March 19.

“As we continue to focus efforts on adding new capabilities that enhance the mobile and smartwatch Google Fit experience, we’ll be turning off this Google Fit website on 19 March 2019,” Google says via a banner on the Fit website.

The notice continues: “To keep tracking your activities and get coaching toward your health goals, install the Fit app on your Android phone or Wear OS smartwatch.”

The website was a convenient way to get a look at Google Fit statistics on a big screen without installing an app, but it seems Google now views it as redundant – if you don't have the Android app you can find it here.

Not fit for purpose

The mobile app was given a major redesign at the end of last year, a redesign that hasn't been extended to the web – which was one sign that Google was about to pull it.

Considering just about every other app that Google makes is on the web and on smartphones though, from Gmail to Google Maps to Google Keep, it's strange that the browser version of Google Fit should get the chop.

You can't track steps or heart rate using your laptop, of course, which is perhaps one reason Google has decided to cease operations for Google Fit on the web.

Whatever the reasoning, you've got less than a month to enjoy looking up your exercise statistics online. All your Google Fit history and data will be kept and available through the Android app.

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