Is it worth getting insurance for my iPhone?

When it comes to phone prices nobody manages to push the limits with more staggering speed than Apple and its iPhones. Ever since the iPhone broke the £1,000 price mark, and added even more glass to the handset – which is also bigger and harder to hold – damage has been more likely. Turning your thoughts to iPhone insurance is only natural.

So should you get your smartphone insured to make sure that glass is protected from drops, the device is covered for theft and, crucially, your hangover after a big night doesn't also have to be compounded by a lost phone without cover?

What's covered by an iPhone-based insurance policy?

Cover will vary from policy to policy so be sure to check you've got cover for everything you need. The main things to think about are theft, loss and damage. But beyond that you might want to check the fine print to make sure it covers water damage specifically.

Another factor is calls made after a phone is stolen – not all policies cover this either so you might want to check twice before picking a cheaper policy that may not cover this. 

If you want a replacement phone while yours is gone, then that might be another part of the policy you need to look out for and add.

Who needs to insure their iPhone?

Anyone with a relatively new iPhone could use insurance. Unless you have some way of never losing, breaking or having your iPhone stolen (and please let us know if you do!) then insurance is needed. That or you're rich enough to just replace it outright, of course.

Some home insurance policies cover gadgets, but not outside the home. So you may wish to add your iPhone to that policy, but it will mean paying a greater excess on all your home insurance if you claim.

How much will it cost to insure my iPhone?

Prices will vary depending on what model you splashed out on. Typically you're going to be looking at a cost of between £70 and £180 per year.

You could find a decent policy on a new iPhone XS or iPhone XR costs you around £100 for the year, or £10 per month. As that storage space and value goes up so too does the insurance price. Something the keep in mind when picking which iPhone to go for in the first place perhaps – insurance on an iPhone SE will be far less, of course.

Not sure which iPhone to go for? Then see our expert guide on choosing the best iPhone.

Insuring your iPhone with Apple 

Rather than going for a third-party insurer, Apple itself does offer a level of cover itself called Apple Care+. This service won't cover you for loss or theft but it will help when it comes to damage. So combing this home insurance could be a smart combination to cover your iPhone for damage while protecting your policy rate.

This cover will cost you an excess each time you claim but that's just £25 for a new screen, which can be claimed twice in a year. For any other damage that'll cost you a £79 excess (correct at the time of writing).

Your best options for insuring your iPhone

Your options are essentially: home insurance, Apple Care+, third party cover, cover by your network provider or insurance from your bank. To find the best cover for you, check out our Apple iPhone insurance guide here.

Want to combine insuring your iPhone together with other gadgets? It could save you money in the long run. If that sounds tempting, then head over to our guide on getting the best gadget insurance cover for mobiles, laptops, tablets and more.

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