Get 10GB of data for only £5 a month with this great value SIM only deal on EE

Whether you've just bought yourself a brand new phone or your contract has come to an end, cheap SIM only deals can be an absolute life saver when you find yourself lacking a phone contract.

And luckily, UK mobile retailer Fonehouse currently has some of the cheapest SIMO deals out there thanks to a huge cashback promotion. There are two deals that especially stand out, both of which are on EE. The first gets you 10GB of data for an effective price of just £5 per month and the second ups it to 20GB of data for an effective £7 each month after cashback (just scroll down the screen after you've clicked through to see these top tariffs).

There is a bit of a catch here though if you want to get these SIMs at such a low price. Both of them are only this cheap after cashback by redemption. That means a little bit of persistence, claiming your money back in instalments during the third, fifth, ninth and twelve month of your contract. So although the monthly payments may be a bit more expensive in the first instance, the savings in the long run are incredible.

So if you want to get your hands on what are, effectively the cheapest big data SIMO deals out there scroll down for all of the details. Or if you don't want the hassle of cashback, check out our best SIM only deals page for all the other options available. 

These cashback SIMO deals on EE in full:

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