Samsung Galaxy S10 leak shows phone reverse wireless charging 'Galaxy Buds'

The Galaxy S10 leaks have been so plentiful in the run up to February 20 that they're starting to clue us in on Samsung's other forthcoming announcements.

Case in point, the rumored Samsung Galaxy Buds got a little more real today with an official-looking photo showing off the true wireless earbuds, thanks to WinFuture.

The Galaxy Buds are shown on top of what looks to be the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in white (one of the rumored Galaxy S10 colors) and inside a compact charging case.

Not only that, the earbuds case appears to be placed on the back of the phone in a way that suggests the phone will be able to wirelessly charge the new buds.

Samsung Galaxy S10 is taking on Huawei Mate 20…

This isn't the first time we've heard that the Samsung Galaxy Buds could be able to reverse wirelessly charge via the Samsung Galaxy S10. It's been reported before.

Here is just the first time we've seen Samsung's take on reverse wireless charging, and it appears to work a lot like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro's reverse wireless charging feature.

Samsung Galaxy S10

The Galaxy S10 could potentially reverse charge other phones, just like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. | Image Credit: Huawei

We tested this with the Mate 20 back-to-back with an iPhone XS Max, and it worked. We suspect Samsung's phone will be able to charge other Qi charging phones, too.

Here's one difference: reverse wireless charging may come to all three new Samsung phones, meaning even the cheap Galaxy S10E would get it. Only the Mate 20 Pro, not the Huawei Mate 20, has this feature.

… And Apple AirPods on price

Attached to this Samsung Galaxy S10 leak and first Galaxy Buds sighting is a price for the buds. WinFuture suggests that the wireless earbuds 'should' cost €149.

if true, Samsung's pricing wouldn't be far off from the cost of Apple's AirPods. This price converts to $169, £130 or AU$238, a bit higher than AirPods in the US and Australia, but cheaper than Apple's inflated AirPods price in the UK.

However, Apple is charging €179 for the AirPods in France and Germany, which could mean Samsung's buds will be cheaper and have more features. We're still waiting on Apple AirPods 2 with the long-promised wireless charging feature.

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