Xbox One S Anthem bundle is the cheapest (and worst) way to play the game

Microsoft has just unveiled the Xbox One S Anthem bundle that pairs Microsoft’s entry-level 1TB console with the game, a controller and one-month trials to EA Access, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold.

Unfortunately, it’s also the worst way to play the game.

According to console benchmark testing done by the experts at Digital Foundry, the Xbox One S offers the worst performance of all platforms tested, putting out a 900p resolution and between 25 and 30 frames per second (fps) in most scenes.

The Xbox One X wasn’t able to do much better in terms of frame rate, also staying between 25 and 30 fps in most scenes, but at least was able to display the game in 4K.

For comparison, the base PS4 was able to achieve 1080p/30 fps, while the PS4 Pro could either get up to 1800p/30 or 1080p/35.

The silver lining to all this is that this bundle is by far one of the cheapest ways to score a new console and a copy of Anthem, as the whole package – which includes the special Legion of Dawn pre-order bonus – will sell for $299 (around £230, AU$400).


The Xbox One S Anthem bundle within the box. | Image Credit: EA

But at least it doesn't have PC controls…

Admittedly, the Xbox One S version only has the worst visual performance. Digital Foundry didn't take the game's flight controls on PC into consideration, which some have cited as a major disappointment during the demo.

What's the reward for putting up with awful control schemes? Well, PC gamers might have the last laugh, as the game can be played in 4K/45 fps using a high-end graphics card, like the RTX 2080 Ti, outpacing all of the consoles.

But, if frame rates are just numbers on a screen to you, you can save yourself some cash by grabbing the Xbox One S bundle when it arrives on February 22.

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