TRA opens registration for third edition of UAE Hackathon 2020 event

The Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) has opened registration for the third edition of UAE hackathon event which is set to take place in February in a bid to coincide with UAE Innovation Month.

TRA has invited the public to register, according to the emirate in which they reside or want to participate in, through the website

TRA launched the event UAE Hackathon: “Data for Happiness and Wellbeing” as part of its role towards the community and its responsibility to push forward the digital transformation at the federal level.

The UAE Hackathon aims to bring together university students, high school students, employees, entrepreneurs, and IT professionals to develop innovative solutions and ideas for the challenges posed in the hackathon, using available data sets. Three winning teams are identified in each emirate, and a closing ceremony is held in March to honour the winners. Hackathons are held in the seven emirates of the country, a hackathon in each emirate.

“In the two previous editions, we managed to attract 434 teams from different emirates of the country, motivated them to present the best ideas and creative projects, selected the best of those projects and supported them through business incubators, to achieve success and contribute to the visions of the UAE,” Salem Al Housani, Acting Deputy Director-General for Information and e-Government Sector, said in a statement.  

Active participation

The second edition of the hackathon in 2019 had witnessed active participation by many business incubators aiming to explore the possibility of adopting ideas and proposed solutions and transforming them into pilot projects.

Moreover, several government entities who participated in the hackathon confirmed their intention to implement ideas that suite the nature of their work and contribute to achieving their goals.

The previous hackathon witnessed a variation in the participants’ age groups, such as teams of government employees and university students participated, and the surprising participation of a team of school students in Fujairah Hackathon.

The percentage of females reached 54% of the participants while the percentage of males reached 46%. The number of data systems available for analysis increased from 500 in the first edition, to about 1000 data systems in the second edition of the hackathon.

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