Bag a cheap Apple Watch for as little as £195 – smartwatch and fitness tracker deals available now

If you've been shopping for fitness tracker or smartwatch deals over the start of the year, you'll know you can find plenty of wrist pieces at a variety of price tags. But at the end of the day, it's difficult to beat a good Apple Watch deal. We've not only found some of the last remaining Apple Watch 4 deals going, but we're also excited to see the Apple Watch 3 sticking around at a £195 price tag this week. If you're going all in, you can save £20 and pick up an Apple Watch 5 for £379

If you're after an Apple smartwatch right now, you're looking at the third, fourth, or fifth series with each one offering an incremental step up from the last and a few new features. It's important to take stock of which of these features will be the most suited to your Apple Watch needs, however – as you can often save a wad of cash by forgoing certain options you won't actually use. 

If you're after a smartwatch for notifications, music, and some general fitness tracking, you may be better suited to the £200 Apple Watch 3, than the often £500 Apple Watch 5 for example. Plus, all Apple Watches listed here continue to support the latest version of WatchOS so you're still getting all the latest apps and services if you opt for an older model.

We first saw some of these discounts over Christmas, but they remain excellent value here in 2020. So, if you're feeling motivated to up your fitness game, or you missed out over the holiday sales period, these Apple Watch deals are certain to brighten up your January.

Not in the UK? Scroll down to find the best prices in your area. 

Today's best cheap Apple Watch deals

The Apple Watch offers iPhone users an unparalleled smartwatch experience. With full integration of a massive number of apps, services, and features from the iPhone to your wrist, the luxury smartwatch offers fitness tracking, easy notifications (with text and call handling), Apple Pay, and music functions as well as a whole host of expanding features on newer models. 

We've been seeing prices rising and falling over the last couple of weeks, but the early January sales are offering some real treats. So if you don't already own one of the best smartwatches, why not gift yourself one now.  

If you're looking for more great savings – check out our full range of Apple Watch 4 prices available now. If you're looking to complete your Apple ecosystem even more, why not check out these fantastic AirPods deals, or perhaps splash out on a new iPhone deal to set you up for 2020. 

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