The best PC gaming headsets 2019

It’s more affordable than ever to get into the best gaming PCs and now is the perfect time to head out and buy one of the best PC gaming headsets. When you’re playing games, having high-quality sound is extremely important – you’ve already perfected your visual experience, so the next step is getting awesome sound. […]

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The best gaming routers 2019

If you play the best PC games online as much as we do, you likely want one of the best gaming routers to make sure your online gaming is never interrupted. The best routers for gaming will prioritize gaming network traffic, thanks to a handy little trick called Quality of Service (or QoS), so your […]

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Android Q release date, features and rumors

Google's Android Q release date and features are what we're focusing on in 2019, even though the last update, Android 9 Pie, is still slowly rolling out to smartphones after its launch last August. When does Android Q come out? Which features will be added? What phones can download Android? Right now, we're mostly answering […]

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macOS High Sierra news, updates and features

Now that macOS Mojave has replaced macOS High Sierra, you might think that the mountain-themed OS is completely out-of-date. Well, if you consider the fact that macOS Mojave requires newer hardware than macOS 10.13, you’ll realize that plenty of users will be stuck on High Sierra for a while.  And, back when macOS High Sierra […]

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New Mac Pro release date, news and rumors

There hasn’t been much information about a new Mac Pro for quite a while. However, more than a year ago, Apple recognized the public outcry for a new Mac Pro by hinting that it’s working on a ‘modular’ and ‘upgradeable’ Mac Pro. It doesn’t stop there – Apple has declared support of the Mac Pro […]

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The best Chromebooks 2019

When the first Chromebooks hit the market, no one, including ourselves, knew what to make of them. However, just a few years later, and not only are there more than 25 million Chrome OS users, but the best Chromebooks continue to wow us with all-day battery life – something that Windows 10 laptops still can’t […]

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Ikea's discreet, shelving-based Sonos speakers arrive in August

In 2017, Sonos announced a ground-breaking partnership with Ikea that would integrate full-fledged Sonos speakers into everyday furniture. Today, we found out those speakers will be available starting in August of this year. When they're released later this year, the Syfonisk series will encapsulate everything that makes Sonos speakers so great – namely, their sound […]

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LG G8 release date, news, price and leaks

Update: The LG G8 launch date is speculated late February and it may include a second screen option and a new type of speaker technology previously reserved for high-end TVs. The LG G8 release date will be announced at MWC 2019 in late February, but we're already hearing about the smartphone's new features and price […]

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Samsung Galaxy S10 in-display fingerprint scanner reportedly blocked by screen cover

One of the most anticipated rumored features coming to the Samsung Galaxy S10 is an in-screen fingerprint scanner. Unfortunately, noted case maker Armadillotek has claimed that its screen cover can block the phone from reading fingerprints. Conceivably, this might also apply to other translucent coverings separating the display from fingerprints, from thin screen shields to […]

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Huge collection of user data leaked online

Security researcher Troy Hunt, who runs the service Have I Been Pwned, has discovered almost 773m unique email addresses and around 22m unique passwords hosted on Kim Dot Com's cloud service MEGA. In a blog post, he revealed that the collection contained over 12,000 separate files and more than 87GB of data. The data, which […]

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