Xiaomi Mi TV stick is real – it looks sleeker than the Mi Box 4K

Two weeks ago, there were rumours of Xiaomi launching a new Mi TV Stick which could do exactly what the recently launched Mi Box 4K can. Now, it appears as if the new and slicker looking device does exist and should launch in the coming months. 

And credit for satiating our curiosity goes to the German division of Xiaomi that clarified its existence. A teaser released by them even showed us the exact contours of the Mi TV Stick would look like. The image provided with this story is self-explanatory. 

No further details, but…

However, there are no other details forthcoming from the presentation on YouTube that Xiaomi Germany provided. There's hardly anything more than what is available on the image. Or look up the recent predecessor Mi Box 4K. The Mi Box 4K is priced at Rs. 3,499 and runs on Android TV 9 Pie, with support for 4K streaming and HDR up to the HDR10 standard.

Of course, there is a bit that one can make out while looking at the image of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick itself. And, as we said earlier, there have been rumours of this device floating around in the past. So, let's see what we can glean out of the picture. 

Here's what we figured

Right up front, the image clearly shows a button on the remote of the Mi TV Stick that could only be one to call upon the Google Assistant for help. Now, this obviously tells us that the dongle will get shipped with Android TVs or possibly some variant of theirs. However, given that this is so with the Mi Box 4K, let's assume it remains so here. 

A closer look reveals the words Netflix and Amazon Prime Video buttons on the remote from which it is easy to infer that the Mi TV Stick could be seeing a global launch. Else, why have these buttons in the first place? Of course, why would it get launched in India in the near future is a question we may ask. Especially since Xiaomi is just about getting the act right on the Mi Box 4K? 

A sleeker version of the Mi Box 4K?

As for its inherent capabilities, there is no reason for Xiaomi to make the Mi TV Stick any less powerful than the Xiaomi Mi 4K. So, we can safely assume that there would be the 4K HDR support, the Dolby Stereo, the DTS-HD and the dual-band Wi-Fi support, to mention the very least. 

And what may be the price point? Since the Mi Box 4K is priced at $59 globally, we believe the Mi TV Stick should be pretty inexpensive. Earlier rumours of it costing around $80 appears over-the-top, given that it is after all a smaller package, albeit much sleeker to look at. 

Via: AndroidPolice

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