Your Google Home speaker is getting some fancy new controls

If you have a Google Home speaker – or any compatible smart home device, for that matter – you may have noticed that the Google Home app isn't exactly the easiest thing to use. 

That's all about to change however, as Google prepares a complete redesign of the app, making the Home Settings menu simpler to use, whether you're controlling your smart speaker, smart lighting, or smart security cameras.

According to 9to5Google, the redesign will be rolled out with version of the app. 

The Google Home app now features a 'General' section, where nicknames and addresses can be found under 'Home information', and the list of home members can be found under 'Household'.

There's now an entire 'Room and devices' menu, too, which contains your list of rooms, groups, and devices, as well as a new 'Services' menu that contains icons for Video, Music, Radio, Live TV, Voice and video calls, Shopping list, and 'Works with Google'.

Meanwhile, clicking into 'Features' will give you access to your notifications as well as your 'Digital Wellbeing' settings, where you can set limits on how and when your Google Home devices are used.

You'll also find a 'Delete this home' shortcut at the bottom of the screen. Hopefully the redesigned app will make it a little easier to control your smart home devices – which can get a little unwieldy if you've kitted out your entire house with clever gadgets.

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