OnePlus confirms summer availability for the 8 series in India

When the OnePlus 8 series was announced, the Indian pricing and availability were notably not mentioned. Much to everyone’s dismay, that information continues to elude us, and no clarification followed after the event.

It was unusual behavior for the brand, but not totally unexpected, considering how India is expected to be in a state of lockdown for the foreseeable future. Even if OnePlus had wanted to sell the 8 series in India, there would be no logistical partners to help it. Understandably, they decided to hold back the Indian “launch” till a time when they had more clarification on the situation.

In a statement shared by the brand, it confirmed that the delay wouldn’t be too long — The flagship phone and the new Bullets Wireless Z will come to India this summer itself. It technically narrows down the timeframe to April and May. 

Amrelia Ruhez, an Indian YouTuber, states that the Indian pricing will be confirmed on April 29. The Indian authorities will gradually be easing restrictions around the country, which might just be the hurdle OnePlus is hoping to overcome.

The Ministry of Home Affairs of India has also stated that eCommerce companies will be allowed to function starting April 20 in areas that are deemed safe by local authorities. With Amazon allowed to operate once again, OnePlus’s logistics will also be figured.

As for the pricing, OnePlus phones have historically been priced the cheapest in India. With direct conversions coming to around Rs 53,000 ($699) for the base OnePlus 8, it is expected to be significantly less expensive in the country. 

That said, India faces challenges such as the depreciating value of the Rupee, increased GST on smartphones, and a nationwide lockdown, which has presumably halted operations for the most part. These could also sway the OnePlus 8 series’ price in either direction. 

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