Take a peek at Razer's Pikachu-themed earbuds with Pokéball charging case

If your love of Pokémon is stronger than your love of battery life, you may find these Pikachu-themed wireless earbuds from Razer to be of interest, as discovered by Zing Gadget from a post on Razer's Weibo account.

On sale in China from April 16 for ¥999 (around $141 / £112 / AU$220), the earbuds are a Pikachu-yellow variation of Razer's existing Hammerhead buds, and are adorned with a view of the iconic character from the rear.

Razer Pikachu Earbuds

Perhaps more desirable than the earbuds themselves is the included Pokéball charging case, which offers an additional 13 hours of use – an essential inclusion given that the buds reportedly offer only up to three hours of playback on their own.

Based on what we know about Razer's Hammerhead earbuds, the Pikachu-themed buds are expected to boast a 13mm driver unit, which should provide balanced audio and surprisingly deep bass. Razer's Hammerhead earbuds are also said to offer a low input latency of only 60ms along with a splash-resistant IPX4-rated design. 

Additionally, the buds are touch-enabled and are compatible with your smartphone's voice assistant, so we're expecting this new variant to share the same features.

At present, there's no word on whether Razer's Pikachu-themed earbuds will receive a proper release in other markets, although if the situation changes we will surely let you know.

[source: Yanko Design / Zing Gadget]

  • Razer's Pikachu-themed earbuds should prove perfect for your next (likely indoor) Pokémon Go session.

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