Fujifilm X-T3 is rumored to be getting a surprise successor in March 2020

Perhaps Fujifilm has been feeling left out of the all the camera news from CES 2020, because some surprising new rumors suggest that it could be ready to launch a successor to the excellent Fujifilm X-T3 as early as March 2020.

The X-T3 is one of our favorite mirrorless cameras and is the bigger brother of the the Fujifilm X-T30, which currently sits at number two in our list of the best cameras in the world right now. 

But the X-T series is usually upgraded in two-year cycles and the X-T3 will only be 16 months old in March, which would make it a surprisingly early release for such an important camera. The usually reliable Fuji Rumors, though, says the news that the camera “will start shipping in March/early Spring 2020” comes from a trusted source.

What's less clear is the name of this apparent successor and what its new features will be. If it's a true successor, then Fujifilm X-T4 seems the most likely name, unless the company has decided to go down the Sony route of introducing sub-variants that focus on particular features like video or resolution.

Fujifilm X-H1

A successor to the X-T3 and X-H1?

So far, there have been no reliable leaks about the Fujifilm X-T4's design or features, but rumors from back in November 2019 claimed that the X-T3's successor would effectively merge the line with the Fujifilm X-H1 to create a very compelling stills-video hybrid camera.

In theory, this would make a lot of sense – the X-H1 is the only Fujifilm camera with in-body image stabilization (IBIS), so combining this with some enhanced video shooting powers (perhaps 4K/60p video using the full width of the sensor, or maybe even 6K video) would make it a real contender to the likes of the Panasonic S1H. It'd also create a clearer differentiation from the X-T30, which is the line's more travel-friendly option.

A fully articulated screen was another feature rumored by the likes of FujiAddict back in November 2019, but the flip-side to both of these features would be an increased body size. If all of these rumors are correct – and that's all they are, right now – then it's possible that Fujifilm could release an X-T4 or X-T3S in March 2020 and simply keep the current X-T3 on sale.

With its recent firmware upgrades – the latest of which boosted its Face and Eye detection – and strong feature set, the X-T3 is certainly far from being ready for the 'discontinued' axe. We'll bring you official news as soon as soon as we get it.     

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