Get BT broadband deals now before it takes away its fantastic freebie offer

Sometimes to get the best deal on something, acting fast is a necessity. BT's latest broadband deals are the perfect example of that, with news that the ISP will be stripping its plans of their best feature in a matter of days.

From December 24 onward, BT will be removing its popular freebie – the famous BT Reward Cards – from all of its broadband deals. For those less versed in BT's promotions, these were essentially pre-paid Mastercards to be used online and in shops. Yep…free money!

With the tempting promise of up to £110 in these Reward Cards currently available across a range of the best BT broadband deals, we would suggest anyone considering one of its offers to get in there before this goes.

BT's broadband deals and Mastercards in full:

Today's best BT broadband deals

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