When is The Mandalorian episode 7 released on Disney Plus?

When is episode 7 of The Mandalorian on Disney Plus? While the Star Wars TV series normally releases on Fridays, next week it's on Wednesday. This is the second time the series has been released on a different day – the first episode launched on a Tuesday with the Disney Plus streaming service. 

The reason The Mandalorian episode 7 is released on a Wednesday this week is likely to do with the release timing of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, which launches on December 20 in the US and a day earlier in some other territories. 

Wondering how to watch The Mandalorian? We can help you with that. Below, you'll find the entire release schedule of season one on Disney Plus, and confirmation that The Mandalorian season 2 is in the works. 

Let's find out when you'll next see Baby Yoda again…

When is the next episode of The Mandalorian on Disney Plus?

The next episode of The Mandalorian, episode 7, releases on Disney Plus on December 18, which is this coming Wednesday. That's when you can stream it in the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand, which are all the territories where you can currently get Disney Plus. Episodes arrive at around midnight PT, although that exact time can change. 

If you're based in the US and can't wait for more Baby Yoda, then, you'll be staying up late. 

The Mandalorian season one release schedule

Episodes of the Star Wars TV series normally release on a Friday, but not this week. The Mandalorian episode 8 then releases on the last Friday of December, nine days after episode 7.

There are eight episodes in total for season one. Here's the official confirmed release schedule from Disney:

  • Episode one: Out now
  • Episode two: Out now
  • Episode three: Out now
  • Episode four: Out now
  • Episode five: Out now
  • Episode six: Out now
  • Episode seven: December 18
  • Episode eight: December 27

When is The Mandalorian season one finale?

As explained above, the season one finale of The Mandalorian arrives on Disney Plus on December 27. Between this show, Jedi: Fallen Order and The Rise of Skywalker, you can pretty much fill this holiday season with as much Star Wars as you like.

The Mandalorian season 2 is filming now

The Mandalorian season 2 is already underway, and it's been filming since at least mid-November. It'll likely release late next year or in early 2021, if they're filming it this early. 

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