This Android tablet is a third the price of an iPad Air just before Christmas

The Lenovo Smart Tab P10 is an Android tablet with Alexa built in, and it can be yours for a lot cheaper – 50% off – thanks to this incredible deal that’s live right before the holidays.

Half off saves you $175 on this tablet – a discount that got better while we wrote this article. Take that as a sign that this deal can change at any moment, so snag it soon.

Aside from being a capable tablet, the signature feature of the P10 is its included Smart Speaker – a dock you can slide the device into for serious sound from a quartet of full-range Dolby Atmos speakers. Want to up your media binging game? This tablet-and-dock package is for you. 

The Tab P10 has roughly comparable specs to the non-Pro iPads in the world, so we’d recommend it so long as you’re not already smitten with iPadOS (the new iPad-specific iOS). Android may not be as tailored to tablet use, but at this discount, it’s worth the adjustment. 

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