Cougar just launched the Conquer 2 chassis, and it’s a next level beast

If you think that chassis design has long reached its peak, think again. Cougar is back with its Conquer chassis line.

TechPowerUp reported Friday that the company typically known for designing attractive yet fairly budget-friendly peripherals just launched Conquer 2. And, this time, it’s taken Conquer’s already robotic head-turned-computer casing look to a whole different level of cool and kind of weird. 

First unveiled back at Computex 2019, Conquer 2 seem to have taken notes from Cougar’s gaming mice, recreating their angular Transformer-esque look in a computer chassis that’s somewhat modular and designed to show-off the theoretically badass internals inside. And, if you’re big on that gamer’s look and currently building your own gaming PC, then you might just be willing to shell out a pretty penny for this.

More than just looking good

A lot of thought and attention to detail went into designing Conquer 2. This chassis boasts metal framing that can be disassembled, modified and customized so you can build your own look. It also boasts four tempered glass panels so you can showcase those powerful internals you’ve painstakingly chosen and their RGB lighting.

Conquer 2

Conquer 2 has metal framing that can be disassembled, modified and customized.

Of course, not to be outdone by what’s on the inside, Conquer 2 has its own powerful lighting system as well. The Trelux dynamic RGB lighting it sports illuminates its facade and can be “connected to a COUGAR Core Box or to a compatible motherboard’s 5V connection” for an even more immersive and synchronized lighting experience.

Conquer 2

It has a detachable sub-chassis for building your dream gaming PC with ease.

Inside is a detachable sub-chassis, which slides easily out the back and has a more traditional shape so you can build your PC with ease. This sub-chassis has a motherboard tray that can fit a CEB, ATX or smaller motherboard and nine other expansion slots in its upper compartment. Its bottom compartment, on the other hand, houses a PSU bay with up to 22 cm of space and two 3.5-inch drives.

Of course, to help cool down all those powerful components inside, Conquer 2 touts an open-frame design. But it also champions liquid cooling with a space for a 240mm radiator up front, and a 360mm one at the top. So, if you haven’t considered liquid cooling before, you will now if you want to take this chassis home.

Cougar has yet to reveal the pricing – or when Conquer 2 will become available ­– but considering that its predecessor currently costs $279 (£278, about A$408), this follow-up certainly won’t come cheap.

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