The Hulu Black Friday deal is back: just $1.99 a month for an entire year

There's a Hulu Black Friday deal for $1.99 a month that's nearly impossible to pass up. In fact, we just signed up for an account ourselves today, it's that good of a price.

The biggest Hulu perk these days is how much it costs every Black Friday, not just the fact that is offers a host TV shows like The Handmaid's Tale, Castle Rock, and reruns of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Fraiser, and Seinfeld (well, that last one until 2021 at least).

At just $24 for the entire year, Hulu has the best price among streaming services. It even beats Disney Plus, and Disney happens to be Hulu's majority owner. At this rate, even if you seldom watch Hulu, it can still be worth it.

Can you even get this Hulu Black Friday deal?

There are some caveats to this Hulu Black Friday deal, according to the company. If you signed up for last year's Cyber Monday deal that cost $1 a month for 12 months of the service, you technically won't be eligible for this deal.

However, we jumped on that deal last year and we were still able to get this year's Hulu special offer for just $1.99 a month. It may be because we logged in with Facebook (an easy way to sign up) this year – we're still sorting through the 'why', so you too may have to get creative.

Either way, streaming platforms are becoming increasingly competitive in 2019, and that's to our advantage. Price has become the biggest selling point for getting Hulu, and renewing it is slowly becoming a Black Friday tradition for us.

Yes, this is technically double the price of last year's Hulu Cyber Monday deal, but we're okay with $2 a month – we spend more on a single cup of coffee each day.

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