Death Stranding PC release could be coming as game is dropped from PS4 exclusives list

Death Stranding coming to the PC looks like a slightly stronger possibility now, as following previous rumors – and indeed an announcement way back when (more on that later) – it seems references to the game being a PS4 exclusive have been dropped from the official PlayStation sites.

This observation was made by a denizen of the ResetEra forum (vestan) who noticed that on the Australian PlayStation website, Death Stranding is no longer present in the list of PS4 exclusive games, although it was before (seemingly it was listed up until the end of May, at least).

Indeed, it has also vanished from the UK site, and other European official PlayStation sites, so it looks like the game has been removed across the board.

So, unless this is some kind of error, the move would seem to indicate that Death Stranding is not a PS4 exclusive – and therefore, might be coming to the PC (as we’ve heard before, it won’t be coming to the Xbox).

This backs up a number of previous rumors, including speculation from the guy who correctly nailed Death Stranding’s release date on the PS4 (November 8), who asserted that it would be a PlayStation exclusive, but only for a period before hitting the PC. A six month or year-long exclusivity timeframe was mentioned, although that’s just guesswork.

Label leak

Other indications that Death Stranding will come to the PC include the fact that on the official trailer where the PS4 front cover was shown, it didn’t carry the ‘Only on PS’ label which has adorned previous PlayStation exclusives.

None of this is concrete evidence, of course, although we have to remember that an early press announcement from Sony – from way back in 2015 – did indicate that the game would be coming to PC after the PS4. But that was a long time ago, and there’s no guarantee the situation hasn’t changed since then.

Put all this together, though, and you can certainly be hopeful that a PC spin on Death Stranding is still coming, even if it has been kept bizarrely quiet. Another point to bear in mind is that Gamescom is imminent, with Hideo Kojima in attendance to give us an exclusive new look at the game – and perhaps an exclusive reveal of the PC version?

Who knows, but it’s certainly not beyond the realms of possibility. If a PC version is announced, the next question will be – is this an Epic Games Store exclusive? Because most of the chatter online seems convinced this will be the case.

Via PC Gamer

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