PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 beta adds companion eagle, new weapons in zombie mode, friendly spectate and more

PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 beta is rolling out to testers and it brings a bunch of new additions to the popular battle royale title. Recently, the game celebrated its first anniversary as Season 6 went live for players around the world. Now, the beta update 0.12.0 is here and we have listed everything that you would want to know about it below.

PUBG Mobile 0.12.0: What's new

The beta update adds a companion eagle to the player's avatar which is also carried in-game. This is more of a cosmetic addition than being an ally on the battlefield. The eagle has its own emotes which are made accessible with every level. There are five in total. During a round, the eagle will be around the player but will fly away if they are prone or in water.

Perhaps the most exciting feature in the beta update is the ability to spectate your friends from the lobby. While viewing the enemy’s gameplay, players will be able to send friend requests.

Zombie mode on PUBG Mobile is still live and the new 0.12.0 beta update adds another zombie event in Erangel. This time though, its survival until you’re rescued. To make the extraction even more challenging, players can wander outside the houses during the night as the air becomes toxic and damages health levels. 

Two new weapons- RPG rocket launcher and explosive Crossbow will spawn during the new zombie mode. The rocket launcher will come with 6 rockets while the crossbow is able to shoot explosive arrows that blow on impact. 

Alongside, liquid nitrogen grenades will also spawn on the island which has the ability to slow the movement of zombies and enemies alike. The update also adds a double AR extended magazine that can be attached to assault rifles. This item will be found only in elite zombie drops.

Some of the other changes include the new shapes and colours that can be applied to the red dot, holo sight, 2x and 3x scopes. To make the player feel more in control of his in-game avatar, the developers have fine-tuned a couple of player actions. Now when your avatar reloads a weapon, the magazine will fall to the floor. While opening the door, the avatar will push open the door with their arm.

The beta update is live and is being tested for bugs and issues. We can expect more features to be added to the build over the course of its final development. Currently, there is no official information about the launch of PUBG Mobile 0.12 update.

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