PUBG Mobile Prime and Prime Plus subscription starts at Rs 79 in India

PUBG Mobile has introduced Prime and Prime Plus membership for players in India. The two subscription packs provide users with Unknown Credits (UC), Battle Points (BP), Royale Points (RP), daily discounts in shop and crates. 

The Prime plan costs Rs 79 every month for iOS and Rs 85 for Android phones. With it, players can purchase items in the shop by spending the BPs and can keep it in their inventory for a period of seven days or even 30 days, depending on the kind of item purchased. In addition, players will be given 5 UCs daily totalling up to 150 UC every month.

 Prime Plus offers more benefits in comparison as it provides users with 20 UC on a daily basis. Some of the items in shop that can be purchased via BPs come with a permanent validity. Players who subscribed to the Prime Plus plan are also entitled to 10 Royal Points (RP), 300 UCs, daily discounts in shop, 50% flat off on the Classic Crate and a bunch of Premium crate, ID and Room cards. 

Things to keep in mind before subscribing…

There are a couple of things to keep in mind before subscribing to either of the membership plans. Once subscribed to the Prime plan, one cannot upgrade to the Prime Plus plan. In case a player wants to avail benefits of both the plans, the game certainly allows that.

With the kind of popularity that PUBG Mobile has garnered over these past few months in India, these membership plans would help it to further strengthen its foothold in the Indian gaming community.

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