The cheapest AirPod prices, sales and deals in March 2019

If you're looking for the best AirPods price, you've come to the right place, because we have the best Apple AirPods deals listed below, including orders for the brand new second gen 2019 versions, which in the end were not named AirPods 2.

It's actually pretty rare to find Apple's wireless earbuds on sale, simply because it's one of the most in-demand items. In fact, it was one of the hottest products last year and sold out on a regular basis.

Also, every time there's a decent AirPods deal, they get snapped up quickly, which isn't great news for those of you looking for a big discount. The AirPods' price is undeniably high, but we're in familiar territory here given Apple's reputation for premium items with the cost to match.

If you've picked up a modern iPhone that's dumped the traditional headphone jack, the Apple AirPods rank amongst the best earphones to pair with your new phone. Although, as they're bluetooth, you can pair them with plenty of other mobile phones too and even laptops. If you're thinking of getting a new phone too, check out the latest offers below.

The latest AirPods prices and deals

Directly below you'll find the latest options to order the newly-announced 2019 upgrade of the AirPods that were released in early 2019. The new AirPods cost $159 / £159 / AU$249, which is the same launch price as the original ones – so we're a little surprised they didn't cost a bit more given the improvements.

Compared to the older model the visual design remains the same. But inside you get a faster H1 processor chip, 50% more talk time and hands-free Siri interactions. So seeing as the older models never really came down in price, the new 2019 AirPods are the best option to buy right now. Look out for these features in the description, to make sure you're getting the newest versions.

The price comparison chart below is mainly targeting the original, last-gen versions of the Apple AirPod deals. Apple is already phasing these out though, and stock was already incredibly hard to find before the new versions launched. At best, you might see the occasional tiny discount, but prices stuck at the MSRP/RRP throughout most of its life. 

Short version: get the new and improved ones in the comparison chart above instead. To be sure they are the new ones, look out for H1 chip and hands-free Siri functionality in the description if the title doesn't say something along the lines of '2019' or 'latest/newest version'.

How much are AirPods?

The official AirPods' price is $159 in the US and £159 in the UK. So you shouldn't pay any more. Although, we have seen some stores cheekily push the price up when stock thins out.

Expect the usual outlets to charge closer to the RRP and, better yet, potentially dip below it around the key shopping seasons. Fingers crossed we don't have to wait long for some proper Apple AirPod sales though!

As an alternative, there are lots of wireless earphone and headphone deals in our Beats headphone deals page and other brands are covered in our wireless headphone deals page.

Should I wait for a cheaper AirPods deal?

You might be waiting a while to be honest. Last year around Black Friday, Walmart knocked off, wait for it, about $7 and it was one of the most popular deals we highlighted in our extensive roundups of the hottest offers. We saw similar tiny discounts in the UK too.

So for the foreseeable future it looks like any discount on the Apple AirPods price isn't going to bring them into 'cheap' territory. And when they keep selling out at full-price you can't see Apple throwing cash away.

What about Apple AirPods 2?

In the end, the AirPods 2 deals never arrived, simply because Apple decided not to name the 2019 upgrade as a numbered iteration. This might just be the way things are as the company has ditched numbers from all recent versions of iPads and MacBooks. Or maybe the name AirPods 2 is being saved for a more substantial upgrade and redesign at some point in the future. Either way, we're not expecting anything from Apple until 2020 now. 

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