The best Xbox One X prices, bundles and sales in Australia (March 2019)

At E3 2017, Microsoft officially unveiled what was formerly known as Project Scorpio — the Xbox One X. This is the full 4K HDR upgrade from Microsoft that fans of the original Xbox One consoles have been waiting for, not to mention newcomers to the platform.

This is the place where we answer any questions you may have about what exactly the new Xbox One X is capable of – its specs, price, and release date have all been covered here – and ultimately, whether or not you should buy it.

Often, the best place to order your console is from the Microsoft store directly for $649, as most retailers are offering it for that same RRP, but aren't likely to have as much stock as the company's own store.

We'll also be keeping track of any deals and bundles that pop up, so be sure to come back and visit every now and then if you're waiting for a bargain — we're sure to have one if there is one to be had. 

And, of course, if you're wondering what to play on this new beast, we've had a thorough look at the best Xbox One X games available, and which ones will really shine with Microsoft's latest powerhouse.

The best Xbox One X bundles:

Xbox One X prices are constantly changing from store to store, making it hard to keep up at times. To take the pain out of scoping out the best Xbox One X prices, you should be able to find the best real-time deals listed below, updated live, along with some hand-picked options. 

Why should I buy an Xbox One X?

While not technically a 'next-gen' console, the Xbox One X is still a powerful upgrade over the current Xbox One lineup. To simplify things, it's more aligned with Sony's PS4 Pro than it is anything else. The target audience of both consoles are gamers with a 4K HDR TV who want to squeeze the best graphical performance possible out of their favoured console. For those gamers without a 4K TV, there will be modest performance boosts although it's likely not worth the upgrade if you don't have a 4K HDR TV.

We're told that the Xbox One X won't necessarily have any exclusive games released for it, and as far as we know all Xbox One titles will still work with it, so exclusivity and compatbility and reason enough alone to ditch your Xbox One S.

The Xbox One X is making bold claims about true native 4K gaming though with its upcoming titles and if you have a 4K TV with High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, the Xbox One X is ready to seriously impress with the likes of Forza Motorsport 7, Metro: Exodus and Anthem set to be true jaw-droppers in the graphics department.

What is the Xbox One X price?

Although it's steep, the price conversion from the US didn't hit us nearly as hard as it normally would. The Xbox One X will cost $649 in Australia while the US will pay $499. 

Where can I order an Xbox One X?

As is to be expected, all the usual suspects in the gaming retail business have the console in stock, although each and every one is offering the new Xbox One X for the same price.

With that in mind, you may as well order your console from The Microsoft Store for $649 as there's a better chance they'll have a bigger stock allocation, given it's the company's own store.

What if I don't care about 4K or want to save money?

Well, the good news is that the standard Xbox One S is a fantastic games console and you'll likely be able to get one with a few games for less than $300 over at our Xbox One deals page.

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