Nintendo Switch in stock at Very – but move fast

Nintendo Switch deals are back in stock at Very, with a £319.99 price tag on this Pokemon Shield bundle available now. Or, grab this Animal Crossing edition with a download of New Horizons for £319.99 while stock lasts. That's fantastic news if you've been waiting for the Nintendo Switch to come back into stock, and even better news if you've had your eye on the Animal Crossing version. Plus, you're picking up some of the latest releases with this limited offer as well. This is an incredibly in-demand item, and we expect it to be out of stock soon, so move fast to grab your Nintendo Switch while it's still in stock. 

Recent demand surges have pushed the price of any remaining stock up to eye-watering heights over the last few weeks, despite some retailers receiving shipments over the last few days. That means we're seeing flashes of Nintendo Switch deals available across the country, but the speediest of shoppers are snapping them up within minutes. 

It's been a long time coming, but this latest Nintendo Switch stock may just be the start of the console's return to our shelves, but for now, this is going to be an incredible race to the checkout. 

Not in the UK? You'll find the latest Nintendo Switch Lite bundle deals still available further down the page. 

Nintendo Switch bundles in stock at Very

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