Upgrade to Vodafone's fastest fibre broadband deal at no added price

A very late Christmas present or a gift to kick-off the new decade. However you want to see it, Vodafone currently has a promotion on its best fibre broadband deal that you can't really ignore.

The offer is simple, invest in its Superfast fibre 2 package and you'll pay the exact same price as with its lower speed fibre plan. That means you're essentially getting a free speed boost, paying just £23 a month for speeds averaging 63Mb.

And, it's even better news for existing Vodafone mobile customers as the cost drops down to just £21 a month, which is edging nearer to ADSL in price over fibre. Ready to get your hands on a free speed upgrade? You can find out more about it below.

Vodafone's cheap fibre broadband deal in full: 

What other broadband deals are there right now?

While Vodafone has the world of fibre locked down, there are some even cheaper prices if you're willing to drop your speeds.

Thanks to the addition of £50 in cashback, Plusnet currently stands tall as the cheapest broadband deal around. It costs £17 a month but when you take into account the cashback, you're effectively paying just £12.83 instead.

Of course, if you do really want fibre but want it from another name, BT could be a good option right now. With speeds averaging 36Mb at a price of just £24.99, this is one of the best prices you can pay for BT right now.

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