Dell is launching two huge new 4K monitors for the office or workplace

Dell has updated its entire line of PC monitors ahead of CES 2020 with the aim of unleashing worker creativity and maximizing productivity.

The new Dell UltraSharp 43 4K U4320Q allows workers to maximize productivity with the ability to connect up to four PCs and view content from each computer simultaneously. This new monitor is ideal for professionals in finance and engineering that require multi-monitors with high resolution for details.

The U4320Q is also the world's first height adjustable 42.5-inch 4K monitor and the device's USB-C connection can even deliver up to 90W of power.

For those interested in picking up Dell's UltraSharp 43 4K U4320Q monitor, it will go on sale at the end of January with a starting price of $1,049.

Dell 86 4K Interactive Touch Monitor C8621QT

In an effort to help facilitate workplace collaboration, the company has announced the new Dell 86 4K Interactive Touch Monitor C8621QT.

This new 85.6-inch interactive touchscreen display features a 4K UHD resolution, 20-point multi-touch and USB-C connectivity. In order to improve accessibility and reachability for users of various heights, Dell has also included its exclusive Screen Drop Feature.

The Dell 86 4K Interactive Touch Monitor C8621QT will be released later this year in April and the device will likely appeal to both the enterprise and education market.

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