The best Nokia 3310 deals and prices in January 2020

The reboot of the iconic Nokia 3310 phone has generated a lot of buzz since it was sensationally revealed in 2017. Do not underestimate the nostalgia for the simpler, cheaper mobile phones – or for Snake!

A growing number of retailers – including Amazon and Argos – sell the Nokia 3310, and we can tell you who has it cheapest below. And it's now finally available on contract, too, although we think it makes far more sense just to buy the handset and grab a separate SIM only deal.

If you decide that you want something a bit more advanced than the Nokia 3310, then try our selection of the best SIM-free phones and deals or check out the Nokia 3 and Nokia 5.

The 2017 Nokia 3310 is looking like a great purchase for anyone looking for a spare mobile to take camping, or to festivals, thanks to its super-low cost and long life between battery charges. Maybe you just don't need all the bells and whistles of a modern smartphone, or perhaps just want to bag a cheap mobile phone deal.

Where can I buy the new Nokia 3310 SIM-free?

Vodafone was the first big network to start stocking the new Nokia 3310, before other major retailers – such as Amazon, Argos and Tesco Direct – turned up to the 90s themed party. If you've got fifty pounds on you, you can get hold of a Nokia 3310 and still get change in return.

Once you've picked out the handset you want to buy, you can then head to our SIM only deals page to buy a cheap SIM to pop in it with prices starting from well less than a fiver per month.

Best Nokia 3310 deals on contract

We waited aaaaaaaages after the Nokia 3310's release to see some contract plans, and now it feels like we shouldn't have bothered. Although we've seen tariffs for as little as a tenner a month with nothing to pay upfront, we can't imagine why you'd bother committing yourself to a lengthy contract, when you can just buy the handset cheap as chips and get a more flexible SIM or pay-as-you go price.

Is the Nokia 3310 any good?

A new Nokia 3310 was always going to make misty-eyed a generation whose youth was spent whiling away hours on Snake. But there's more to this phone than purely nostalgia. Its featherweight design, convenient number keys, marathon battery and ridiculous price is going to appeal to people who just want a very cheap handset for festivals, holidays and emergencies. And did we mention Snake?

For those people who expect their smartphones to be kitted out with high resolution displays and industry leading cameras, clearly the Nokia 3310 is the polar opposite. Read more about the pros and cons in our full Nokia 3310 review.

What colours are available for the new Nokia 3310?

The new Nokia 3310 is available in a range of colours. Depending on where you buy it from, there are options in blue, black, red, yellow and grey.

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