The best iPhone 6S Plus deals in January 2020

Now well in to its terrible twos, iPhone 6S Plus deals have finally started falling substantially. Pretty much since the advent of the iPhone X and all the way up to the iPhone XR, prices are going in one direction only and you can pay less than  £25 per month for the giant handset.

It's no great surprise that the trend has been downwards, Between all of the many devices released since the 6S Plus all the way from the 7 Plus up to the iPhone XR there have now been quite a few big screen iPhones to replace this device.

The iPhone 6S Plus is the supersized version of the iPhone 6S. It packs all the great features of the 6 Plus, but with added functionality like improved battery life and 3D touch, which enables you to interact with the phone in different ways depending on how you press on the screen. It all seemed so innovative at the time!

On this page you'll find a comparison tool right at the top, so you can compare and filter all the UK's best iPhone 6S Plus deals to find your perfect tariff. Below that we've rounded up what we think are the best five iPhone 6S Plus deals from all the major UK networks to point you in the direction of the best bargains.

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Apple reinvigorated its phablet with the 6S Plus in 2015 without rewriting the playbook thanks to its smart 3D Touch technology and a more power under the hood. With the arrival of the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X it's now cheaper, but still a real workhorse.

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