This is probably the smallest Android PC you can buy right now

We are not a big fan of HDMI sticks because they can be awkward to manipulate but they have a place in the wider ecosystem, for example in large format displays

X96, a popular manufacturer of entry level Android and Windows 10 thin clients, has just unveiled a new smart stick based on Android that plugs straight into a TV or monitor.

At $89.99 from Gearbest , it sells for a tidy premium compared to the H96 Max which has a fairly similar specification but is also far bigger and can't be slipped into your jeans' front pocket. 

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That tiny form factor means that you won’t have a lot of room to manoeuvre,  especially as it is barely bigger than a pack of chewing gum at 98 x 33 x 13mm. 

Despite this, the X96S still packs in a quad-core CPU that runs Android 8.1, 4GB of RAM, 32GB storage, a microSD card reader and a full size USB port. Along with Bluetooth and 802.11ac, it also comes with a number of useful accessories like a remote control, an IR receiver and a HDMI cable.

Who does it target then? Trade and businesses where space is at a premium and who are already using the VESA mount. Think frontdesk staff and receptionists; also digital signage (the X96 support miracast) for restaurants, high street retailers etc.

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