95% off 5TB of cloud storage? iDrive has an unmissable deal on now

OK, so it wasn't exactly at the top our Christmas wish list, but we're certainly not going to complain about the ridiculous offer on cloud storage that iDrive has made available.

Say goodbye to the tug of war that is how much cloud storage you can afford against how many TBs you need. With iDrive's current cloud storage deal you're looking at paying a mere $3.48 (around £2.70) in exchange for 5TB for the whole year.

This is a spectacular 95% off, as you'd usually have to pay $69.50 for the same size and duration. Not to mention that 5TB is a spectacular amount of storage, and will almost definitely cover all your photos and streaming needs for the year.

And what makes this deal so stellar is that it's not just the incredible discount, but this is coming from our top-rated best cloud storage provider.

If you want to know more about the cloud storage offer, or why we consider iDrive to be the best cloud storage company – just keep reading as we've got all that information for you below.

iDrive cloud storage deal:

And if cloud storage isn't your main or only concern iDrive is also offering 95% off its RemotePC for 10 computers. This allows you to securely access your home or office computer. 10 computers under one account in exchange for another $3.48? That's quite the bargain.

What makes iDrive the best cloud storage provider?

It's for everyone and we mean literally everyone – doesn't matter if you're tech savvy or not, iDrive is so simple and straightforward to use.

It also boasts excellent security, so you can rest assured you are secure online. Plus, it has the iDrive Express service, which basically backs up all your stuff automatically, in case disaster strikes and somehow your items have been deleted. 

iDrive even offers facial recognition of your photos which is a pretty cool and handy feature. If you need more information check out our iDrive review – where you can find out everything you need to know about this superb software.

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