The Patriot Burst is the best value large capacity SSD right now

The growth of QLC technology combined with new controllers that removed the need for DRAM means that the fall in SSD prices has continued unabated. There’s a slew of products from the big guns (Samsung, Intel, Micron) that have pushed the price of the SSD terabyte to less than $90.

However, there’s one small player which is defying that trend. US-based vendor Patriot has dropped the price of its Burst internal SSD to $74.99 after a $5 rebate card at Newegg

The offer will last till Christmas and includes free delivery – and although you will need to print and fill the rebate form, we believe the hassle is definitely worth the saving.

The PBU960GS25SSDR is a 960GB SATA 2.5-inch SSD that uses the Phison S11 Series controller and has 32MB DRAM. It uses 3D NAND TLC components and is backed by a three-year warranty. What that means is that the endurance of this SSD is probably better than any QLC-based parts.

Other notable features include Static and Dynamic Wear leveling, Bad Block and low power management as well as TRIM support and Smart ZIP. Patriot quotes a sequential read speed of up to 560MB/s and a sequential write speed of up to 540MB/S, both using ATTO benchmark.

As always, we recommend that you get a cloud storage solution to backup your files as well as a hard drive protection plan and a data recovery service for external hard drives. These may add up to the price of the drives but like insurance, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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